How are CBD Supplement Capsules Made?

The cbd supplements are starting to become more popular nowadays. Why? It’s because it has the effect of providing you a faster way to receive the medical benefits of the component simply by ingesting the capsule. It’s also a supplement which is very natural, since we all know that cbd is made of cannabis. However, some tend to think why these products are made, and why is it still natural despite the product being placed in a capsule already?

If you want a clearer answer about this matter, here are the steps that the cannabis plant needs to take in order to become converted in to a cbd supplement capsule:

Hash Conversion

This is a common process where the resins of the cannabis plant gets extracted. After extracting all of the resin present on the harvested part of the plant, or the whole plant, the resin enters various procedures. The procedures involve filtration until it becomes a very sticky and oil-like substance that can be hardened.  Even though this step is no needed for the strain to become a supplement, it’s still a well-known fact that hashish is more effective and potent than the leaves and buds.


Decarboxylation is the process of “activating” the hash that was extracted inside the plant. This involves the hash being placed in a container that can be safely placed into an oven. Once the hash is already in the oven, it is then baked for 25 minutes. If you used leaves that are still fresh, it’s best to bake it for another 25 to 30 minutes as well. This ensures that the raw material for your pure cbd supplement  will be refined into a very potent one.

MediJean cannabis plant care technician Misad Shazi sprays water on marijuana plants growing at the medical marijuana facility in Richmond, B.C., on Friday March 21, 2014. The company currently has a license from Health Canada to grow marijuana for research and development purposes. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck


Make sure that you purchase a soft gel capsule that doesn’t have any substances in it yet. You can order some online, but make sure that you purchase those that are medically approved for consumption. Once you already have your set of gels, you can go ahead and apply the de-carboxylated leaves or hash into the gel simply by injecting the substance right to the capsules. Once done, the gel capsule will turn into a dark-colored gel pill that’s ready for consumption.

Why Turn it Into a Capsule?

If you’re still wondering why the best supplements cbd are often found in gel capsules, take note that it’s easier to use for those who don’t prefer vaping or smoking the product. Some also prefer to use the product in a way where they can get the benefits in a more potent way, and it’s a good thing to know that these capsules can do the trick.

But if you prefer to not do these procedures, especially if you can’t plant cannabis in your area, it’s best to just go with online purchasing or over-the-counter purchase if medical cannabis is legal in your area. Rest assured that the help of the cannabidiol supplement will be very efficient for your medical needs, and it will surely save your life thanks to its potency.